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About Thordon Bearings

Thordon Bearings Inc., a Thomson-Gordon Group company, is a family-owned business manufacturing high performance, oil and grease-free bearing systems, seals and other shaft line products for the global marine, clean power, pump and industrial markets.  

Thordon bearing systems offer exceptional wear life, a low coefficient of friction and can be easily machined on site. In-house design engineers consult with customers to provide innovative bearing system designs that meet or exceed the customer’s technical requirements.

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Venables distributes Thordons' Industrial/Pump  Bearings to Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba.


Reach out with any inquiries!

Dustin Maffin                          Phone: 306.931.7100          Mobile: 306.270.2579

502 - 50th Street East
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 6L9



Check out the Thordon Website for more information on determining which Thordon bearing grade is best for your application.


  • Dry start-up capability

  • Operates in water and chemicals up to 80°C (176°F) and 110°C (230°F) dry

  • Engineered thermoplastic capable of design pressures up to 45 MPa (6527 psi)

  • Very low wear in non-abrasive environments

ThorPlas- White 

  • Ideal for Food Equipment, Drinking and Potable Water Applications

  • NSF/ANSI 51/61 and WRAS approval

  • Low fiction of operation

  • Very low wear

  • Good dry run capability due to built-in lubricants

  • Easy to machine - no nuisance dust

  • Easy to install


  • Excellent mechanical property retention (in water), at higher temperatures

  • Internal lubricants provide dry run capabilities similar to Thordon SXL

  • Wear characteristics similar to existing Thordon elastomer grades

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Low coefficient to friction

Composite (GM2401)

  • Made specifically for use in very abrasive water environments

  • Stiffer and at least twice the abrasion resistance of rubber

  • Lower coefficient of friction than rubber

  • Reduced maintenance downtime

  • Water lubricated - no grease

  • Easy installation


Thordon XL

  • Long life with low dry coefficient of friction

  • Good abrasion resistance

  • Optimum performance in clean water applications

Thordon SXL

  • Preferred choice for dry start-up capability

  • Lower dry coefficient of friction typically 0.10 - 0.20

  • Working pressure to 10 MPa (1450 psi)

  • Wet or dry operation

  • High resistance to abrasion, shock loading and vibration


  • HPSXL (grey) is designed for higher pressure applications as the bearing component in HPSXL TRAXL bearings (HPSXL bonded in a metallic shell).



  • Thor-Flex offers a wide range of materials from standard rods, tubes and sheets to engineered bridge pad elements, performance automotive bushings, abrasive resistant liners and much more.

Thordon Regular

  • Thordon Regular is designed for higher pressure applications...

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